ERC 2010 guideline complaince

  • Tidal volume : 6-7 ml/kg body weight, 500 ml – 600 ml at f=10/min
  • Acoustic metronome signal f > 100/min ensures the correct chest compression frequency
  • Ventilation phase in CPR mode : max. 5 second
  • Both hand free for mask ventilation

User-friendly operation

  • Small and space-saving
  • Light and handy
  • Easy to transport
  • Simple integration in CPR process


  • You decide in CPR mode when the patient is to be ventilated.
  • Intuitive operation minimizes training needs.
  • Portable system LIFE-BASE makes MEDUMAT Easy CPR mobile.
  • Expandable funtionality with WEINMANN Emergency modules
  • Practical accessories, can be safely stored.


  • Clear and explicit voice prompts
  • Metronome function ensures correct frequency for CPR
  • Maximum ventilation pressure can be set
  • Switch for ventilation pressure limit (20 mbar/45 mbar)
  • Visual and acoustic alarms
  • Safe selection of ventilation parameters
  • Dial for tidal volume and ventilation frequency