Stretcher is a device used to carry and transfer patients who are unable to walk or have difficulty walking who will be transferred to the Ambulance or from the ambulance to the hospital.

We have three types of Stretcher. among others are :



Ergon is fitted with a new generation locking device positioned off-centre and in opposite pairs along the two sides of the stretcher, to allow a variable geometry. This innovation allows the rescue professional to operate in most rescue situations made difficult due to the characteristics of the ground or to perform rescues in confined or hostile environments.

  • Extension of the quick release footplate
  • Maximum resistance for the toughest of task
  • Optimised blade shape
  • High heat retention and insulation
  • Maximum rescue crew ergonomics


Given the evolution in the type of trauma and the experience gained in operating contexts, the stretchers of the future must guarantee practicality, availability, efficiency and rapidity during use and transportation. Ergon, Me.Ber.’s latest generation stretcher, has been designed to overcome the technical limits of similar devices present on the market. Specifically, it has been designed to simplify the work of rescue professionals, guarantee patient safety and comfort, operate in difficult situations, facilitate operator training, comply with current regulations and anticipate those of the future.


Thanks to its features the scoop stretcher has an important role in first aid as it can be put under the patient without removing him. The shape of the stretcher also enables the perfect immobilization of the patient during his transport. The building and assembling materials have been specifically studied in order to meet load, reliability and life requirements.

  • Effective hooking and unhooking device for the stretcher uncoupling
  • Adjustable length with automatic locking device
  • Bag with in.
  • Once folded easy arrangement inside the ambulance

    Completely built with light and sturdy aluminium

Folding Rescue Stretcher

Widthways-folding stretcher made from round aluminium tube and green fireproof military canvas. It has extractable handgrips and strap belts to immobilize the patient. It is ideal for military use.