Self Loading Stretcher

Self Loading Stretcher is a device used to carry and transfer patients who are unable to walk or have difficulty walking who will be transferred to the Ambulance or from the ambulance to the hospital.

We have Four types of Self Loading Stretcher. among others are :


This version is available for ”Mercury Lite” with 4 rotating wheels. It grants extremely maneuverability. This product is ideal for narrow spaces. Operating an easy command the two frontal wheels can be unlocked or reset to their original configuration. Fixing of stretcher inside the rescue vehicle is granted by certified system Art. 955 Proof (see “Fixing Systems”). Supplied complete with mattress and belts.


Made of welded stainless steel powder coated, this is a really strong and reliable device. The Ø 200 mm wheels (2 fixed with brake and 2 rotating with self-centring system) are made of soft material that allows high comfort level to the patient. This model of stretcher has trendelenburg position to 0° from 20° too.

  • Rigid platform made of reinforced thermoplastic material. 
  • Reclining backrest 0°- 80°, operated by a gas piston, can be locked in any position.
  • Folding sides.
  • Vertical legs protected by plastic buffers.
  • Casters are self-centring so that the stretcher can be positioned in the ambulance without them having to be turned manually.
  • Front trolley can be lowered to reduce overall dimensions of the stretcher.


The self loading stretcher GECKO Studied to optimize quality-price ratio. Build with painted stainless steel. This device grants all features of other self loading stretchers as: adjustable back rest, 2 fixed wheels with brake and 2 rotating wheels Ø 200 mm self centring, folding side protections. Suplied with belts.


The self loading stretcher EVOX enables to settle the patient with the most comfortable position for its rescue and transport. Its conversion into chair allows access in all those confined spaces, such as elevators and hallways with tight corners, where a common stretcher cannot easily be manoeuvred . A gas pistons system allows to adjust EVOX in infinite positions until reaching the sitting position, relieving the operator from any sort of effort. Frame in stainless steel electro-polished, polyurethane wheels Ø 200mm, safety command to prevent accidental closure, mattress divided into four separate sections and an attractive design are the ultimate features of this device, always more required by the markets.