Meducore Standard

Defibrillation, Monitoring and Ventilation in One Hand

Patient monitoring in monitor mode

  • Large color display
  • 1-lead ECG measurement/6-lead-ECG measurement with up to two ECG curves (optional)
  • SpO2 measurement with plethysmogram and display of pulse rate (optional)
  • Alarm limits can be set
  • Volume for alarms and QRS tone be set

Resuscitation support in AED mode

  • Automatic heart rhythm analysis and preparation for defibrillation
  • Voice prompt and written instructions
  • Metronome
  • Display of ECG lead and plethysmogram (can be set)
  • extensive settings to meet regional requirements
  • AED mode child & AED mode adult selectable

Manual defibrillation for trained users (optional)

  • Adjustable shock from 1-200 joule
  • Biphasic defibrillation impulse
  • Impedance compensation
  • Alarms in event of asystole and VF/VT
  • Display of time since most recent defibrillation
  • Display of number of defibrillation attampts
  • Block of manual mode (can be set)
  • Can be combined with the ventilator system to fit your needs (refer to product LIFE-BASE)