Portable Suction Machines

The suction pump is a medical device that functions to suck out fluids that are not needed by the body during the operation process, such as blood, stomach contents, and so on. Then the sucked in the liquid is accommodated in a container.

We have two types of Portable Suction Machines. among others are :


Maximum ease of use in an out-of-hospital environment:

  • Quickly where it needs to be: Select one of the 4 vacuum levels by pressing a button
  • Easy to operate: Clear control panel with LEDs to display the vacuum level reached
  • Extensive accessories to hand at once: The accessories required can be stored in the wipe-down accessories bag or protective bag
  • Easy to transport: Ergonomic carrying handle, shoulder strap, vehicle wall mounting to EN 1789 with charging interface
  • High performance: Easily-replaced lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a battery runtime of over 60 minutes, suction performance of approx. 34 l/min
  • Simple to prepare and reprocess: Automatic function check and components which are easy to remove and disinfect
  • ACCUVAC Pro can take a lot: Rugged housing made of impact-resistant materials

When suctioning the mouth and throat area of a patient or performing endotracheal suction, the ACCUVAC Pro portable suction device ensures that airways are cleared quickly. The high suction performance of the electrical suction pump and the simple operation of the device ensure the patient is treated effectively and quickly at the scene of an emergency.

The handy and compact suction device can be used inside and outside emergency service vehicles.

The four predefined suction levels on the ACCUVAC Pro suction device enable optimum adaptation of the suction power. Emergency medical services can use the ACCUVAC Pro portable suction device to clear the upper and lower airways of adults as well as children and infants. In addition to suctioning airways, the electrical suction pump can also be used to deflate vacuum splints and mattresses.

Even during longer periods of use, a high-performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a long range supplies the suction device with power. The rechargeable battery can be changed without tools at any time by emergency medical service personnel.


Top Facts

  • Compact, rugged, tilt-resistant and easy to carry
  • Vacuum can be set with Infinite variety, can be read off on pressure gauge
  • For treating children and adults
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Rechargeable battery pack is simple to replace and requires no tools
  • Can be operated as a disposable or reusable system
  • Protective bag, accessories, shoulder strap available as accessories
  • Compatible with ACCUVAC wall mounting

ACCUVAC Lite gives you similar benefits to ACCUVAC Pro in operation. The rugged housing and intelligent accommodation of the secretion canister and suction tube are identical, as are the ergonomic carrying handle and the practical accessories like the protective bag and the accessories bag.

The ACCUVAC Lite suction device supports emergency medical services not just by clearing airways; it can also be used to evacuate vacuum splints and vacuum mattresses. The ACCUVAC Lite suction device thus perfectly equips emergency medical services for any emergency.

On ACCUVAC Lite, the setting for the required vacuum is made via an infinitely variable large regulator dial. This allows the vacuum to be adjusted within very fine margins. The vacuum can be read off a pressure gauge.