Life Base Portable System

Everything in your hand

Only our portable system LIFE-BASE give you the option of putting together a highly individualized mobile and robust ventilation and oxygentherapy system with exactly the technology you need. Thanks to the systems modular design, you can quickly and easily customize your own system with ventilators, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, pressure reducer or Weinmann modules. All the portable system variants are extremely robust and specially made to satisfy requirement of everyday emergency medical services. In emergency vehicles and air ambulances LIFE-BASE is protected by the crash-proof BASE-STATION wall mounting.

Put together your own ventilation and oxygen therapy system on our versatile portable system

Just tell us what you need and we can offer products, our experience and our service to help you design your own mobile therapy system. To satisfy your requirements, you can choose component of ventilation, defibrillation and monitoring plus modules, oxygen cylinders, pressure reducers, patient hose system and ventilation mask.