Accuvac Pro

Convenient operation, board application spectrum

  • High suction capacity of about 35 liters/minute at -0.8 bar (at device inlet)
  • Rechargeable battery : User can easily change battery without opening device and without tools.
  • Modern lithium-ion rechargeable battery with greater long time of more than 60 minute
  • Four pre-defined vacuum levels can be selected by user
  • Automatic function check with quick visual and acoustic feedback
  • Safe secretion collection into autoclavable reusable secretions canister with bacteria filter and overflow protection or disposable Serres suction bag with integrated bacteria filter.
  • Robust housing made of impact-resistant material
  • Non-tip housing with low center of gravity

Ideal operation in everyday medical service

  • Optimum accommodation of suction tube in holder on side of device
  • Single-handed release from wall mounting with the press of a button
  • Compatible with existing ACCUVAC wall mounting
  • Optionally available: large accessories bag, protective bag and/or shoulder strap

For every type of patient and every emergency operation

  • Suctioning of secretions and food particles
  • Endotracheal and bronchial suction
  • Particularly suitable for pre-hospital care
  • Deflate vacuum splints and mattresses
  • Suitable for use on babies, children and adults

accuvac pro