Accuvac Lite

Simply Strong – Suction Made Easy

In an emergency situation, the patient’s survival depends on fast and effective airway clearence. Accuvac has been the standard for airway suction for several decades, ensuring free airways with suctioningof the patient’s mouth and throat or endotracheal or bronchial suction. High suction capacity and simple operation guarantee fast and effective treatment in an emergency or in hospital.

You advantages at glance

  • Variable use
  • safe and hygienic
  • Intuitive opration, robust
  • EN 1789-compliant, safe accommodation in wall in vehicle.

Convenient operation, broad area of application

  • High-capacity suction of about 26 liters/minute at -0.8 bar (at device inlet).
  • Infinitely adjustable vacuum setting to -0.8 bar with easy-to-use vacuum regulator
  • Negative pressure can be read from manometer
  • Safe suction of secretions by means of auto-clavable reusable secretions canister with bacteria filter and overflow protection or disposable SerresĀ® suction bag with integrated bacteria filter
  • Battery change: user can make the simple change from outside device, without tools
  • Robust housing of impact-resistant materials
  • Low center of gravity prevents device from tipping

Ideal operability in everyday emergency medical services

  • Ideal storage of suction tube in side-mounted tube holder
  • Single-handed release from wall mounting with the push of a button
  • Compatible with existing ACCUVAC wall mounting
  • Optionally available with large accessories bag, protective bag and/or shoulder strap

For every type of patient and every emergency response

  • Suctioning of secretions and food particles
  • Endotracheal and bronchial suction
  • Suitable for use on babies, children and adults
  • Deflating of vacuum splints and mattresses
ACCUVAC_Lite reusable canister system

ACCUVAC Lite reusable canister system

ACCUVAC Lite reusable canister system with accessory bag

ACCUVAC Lite reusable canister system with accessory bag